1, Commission:
$5, plus 10% of each item price (price less than 50,000yen)
$5, plus 7% of each item price (price more than 50,000yen)
$5, plus 6% of each item price (price more than 100,000yen)

2, The actual costs :
The item, domestic shipment (by size, mostly 140 - 800 yen), and international shipment (EMS, regular SAL, or SEA by weight, from 1,200 yen ) (converted into US dollar using our specified exchange rate).
*We never use small (unregistered) SAL

3, Other fees:
- some sellers charge 8% of consumption tax. In that case, 8% is added on the item price.
- long storage fee. We keep your items up to 2 months free of charge, but after that we will charge 1% of total item cost per month.
- late payment. If the outstanding balance is not paid for a month, we will charge 1% of outstanding amount per month.

Buyers must have a valid Paypal account.