- Shipping Method
We use EMS, regular/registered SAL, and SEA because these method have insurance and tracking number.
EMS is fastest and securest. SAL is reasonably secured but takes two weeks or a month. SEA takes a month or more. You can compare the price by using "Cost Calculator" on our website. EMS, SAL, SEA use different weight bracket, so sometimes EMS can be the cheapest for package less than 2kg.
We don't use small SAL.

EMS/SAL/SEA has a size and weight limit. if one dimension is more than 1500mm or the weight is more than 30kg, please consult us before the bid request.

- Package descriptions
When we ship items, we usually put the description as “Gift toy. Value $40”,and the sender is a person’s name rather than “TokyoBuyers”, and no invoice in it as a default. We also often use used cardboard box to look like personal, rather than "commercial" appearance. Those policies are based on the preference of some customers who would like to avoid the unnecessary customs issues.
However, we can change them as you like. So please let us know if you have any preference about shipment.

- Insurance
EMS, SAL, and SEA have insurance up to the value declared for the package. For example, if you prefer to declare the package as "gift toy, value $40", then the maximum reimbursement is $40.
You can declare the damage or missing at your local post office to get reimbursement.

- Cost
The cost of domestic shipment depends on where the seller and the buyer are. Therefore, we often know the cost of domestic shipment after exchanging the address information between the seller and the buyer. That is why domestic shipment cost may appear blank first on your order status.

- Packing
When we receive items, we take items out of the cardboard package, and put the items in another cardbox package to save size and cost as this is especially important when we ship multiple items.
If you would like to keep the original cardboard package for some reason, please let us know before we receive items. Then we will put the original cardboard package into another cardboard package and send to you.

- Duration
We keep your items in our storage in Japan up to two month free of charge. You can save the cost of international shipment by combining your items.
Our default is to keep your items in our storage until we are told to prepare the package. Therefore, please let us know when you are ready to receive your items.

- Deposit
We ask deposit from the first-time customers. We also may ask deposit when we bid on very expensive items.
The deposit is applied for the actual cost of item when we secure the item.
We will refund the deposit when we fail/lose to secure the item.