Welcome! We buy items on Japanese auction sites/online shops at your order. Enjoy exploring for rare items!

1, Send us an email (tokyobuyers@gmail.com) with the website link of the item (either on auction sites or on regular online shops) and the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item.

2, We will ask you for certain deposit especially if you are the first-time customer, or the item is very expensive.

3, We will try to get the item for you. Check the result on "Order Status". If "Order Status" says "please pay", please pay for the stated balance. If it says "please wait", it means we have sufficient deposit, so you can pay the balance later when the balance increases.

4, We can keep the item(s) in our storage, so if you have more items to buy, repeat the process 1-3 above.
We cannot buy more items if "Order Status" says "please pay". So make sure you paid enough for another request.

5, When you are ready to receive the item(s), fill in the necessary infomation on "Shipping Reqest". We don't prepare package until we receive shipping request as we don't know if you want to add more items.

6, We'll let you know the total costs including the international shipment cost when we prepare the package.

7, Pay for the costs, and we will send the package and give you the tracking number.